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Wed Dec 6 14:27:07 GMT 2000

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"Mayers, Philip J" wrote:
> IIRC, Win2K LDAP replication is a proprietary 
> multi-master protocol 

LDAP replication is not standardized anyways.  Everyone
uses a proprietary format.

> Samba isn't a database replication tool, and shouldn't have 
> to be (IMHO).

Correct.  SAM replication is only needed to interoperate
with NT DC's

> I wasn't proposing moving user-level restrictions out 
> of passdb (although how they tie in with PAM-level 
> restrictions is an interesting point) - I was asking 

I thought we already had a general consensus that PAM 
was not flexible enough for our needs.  Are we revisiting this

> where the appropriate place to *apply* the restrictions was. 

Authorization.  This is the difference between the auth 
and account control flags in PAM right?

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