2.2.0-alpha1 "unexpected network error"

Robert Dahlem Robert.Dahlem at gmx.net
Wed Dec 6 09:11:55 GMT 2000


At least I got 2.2.0-alpha1 to compile on my Reliant Unix 5.43 (32 bit 
system, formerly known as SINIX).

Then I stopped the 2.0.7 daemons, did "make install" and fired them 

The box becomes visible in the Net'hood, forces elections, becomes 
master browser and my NT4/SP6 workstation was able to reconnect to the 
shares. So far so good.

But whenever I try to use anything (clicking on the share in Explorer 
or "DIR X:") the beast tells me something like "Unexpected Network 
error. Retry?" (roughly translated from german). Debug logs up to 
level 5 show nothing unusual.

Anything I can do to hunt this down?


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