Using umask instead of explicit mode bits to create files/directories

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Tue Dec 5 13:35:55 GMT 2000

Robert Dahlem wrote:
> Take care! This seems to be 2.0.7 code and dos_mkdir() has changed
> (and moved :-) since 2.0.7.
> >  /* We don't need this fix in solaris 2.6. Kind of strange to use
> >dos_chmod when the mkdir call returns success?!
> This has been on a looooong thread (compared to such a small piece of
> code) and a cure has been found (please don't hope things could have
> been becoming less complicated, it took me nearly a whole day to
> understand my own patch :-).
> Be aware of the fact that dos_chmod() fiddles around with modes when
> we are running with "inherit permissions = yes".

	Ok, what's your current reccomendation, and
	does it apply to 2.2.0?

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