Virtual servers

Kevin Long KLong at
Mon Dec 4 21:02:21 GMT 2000

Hello, I need to modify an existing box to appear to be 3 SAMBA servers,
each on it's own NIC. The various reference materials I've checked into
state that I should be able to include a config thus:

include = /etc/smb.conf.%L

but this fails during testparm with:

Load smb config files from /etc/smb.conf
Can't find include file /etc/.smb.conf 

and it appears to skip the %L reference entirely. In addition, though these
units will all be in the same workgroup, I wanted to specify different PDC's
as auth servers for each one, so the access can vary depending on which name
you hit.

Finally, testparm also fails if I include global and share parameters in the
included files (which work if I specify their name completely), complaining
that there is global definitions in the service section. Do I just need to
run several separate smbd and nmbd daemons instead?

p.s. it would help if the "official" SAMBA doc based on the ORA book had
working examples, but it doesn't.

~ Kevin Long ~
~ Networked systems Manager ~
~ Engineering Department ~ 

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