safe_strcpy errors

Torsten Curdt tcurdt at
Sun Dec 3 15:27:20 GMT 2000

> > ERROR: string overflow by 5 in safe_strcpy 
> > [/guitar guitars tablature music mp3 olga
> > percussio]
> Currently one of the issues that needs to be
> rewritten in Samba is the static nature of strings 
> (fstrings & pstrings).  Both are declared as char
> arrays with a fixed length.  The strcpy, strcat, etc...
> functions are wrapped as to prevent buffer overflows.
> The problem is things like what you are experiencing.
> (although this could be caused by RPC bugs in other 
> parts of the code). 
> In order to give you an honest answer, we would need 
> to see level 10 debug logs at the time of the error.

Is this a request? ;) I'd be happy helping to track this

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