VUID/smb_uid during Extended Security

Todd Sabin tas at
Sat Dec 2 20:32:37 GMT 2000

"Mayers, Philip J" <p.mayers at> writes:
> Secondly, does anyone have the faintest clue what the unknown_1 and
> unknown_2 fields are in the RPC_AUTH_NTLMSSP_CHAL structure? Win2K seems to
> be setting them to 0x0 and 0x30 respectively, whereas Samba sets them to 0x0
> and 0x28, which seems to be confusing the Win2K clients.

They are a STRHDR for TargetName, like the stuff in the resp blob.
The reason for the 0x28/0x30 discrepancy is that there are two new
32bit words at the end of the struct in w2k.  There seem to have
something to do with a server context handle.

See ntlmsp.h from the VC++ 6.x includes, if you've got them.  MS has
documented some of this there.  Well, "documented" may be a bit
strong, but they've got some flag defines and struct definitions.


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