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On Thu, 30 Nov 2000, Gerald Carter wrote:

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> George Rohrbacher wrote:
> >
> > 1ºst. Is there any problem in modifying SQL to save
> > the passwords into a MySQL already operational?
> Not sure what you mean here so I'll guess.  If you are
> asking whether or not you can get Samba to use existing
> passwords in a mySPL database, the answer would be that Samba
> can either use encrypted password from smbpasswd or
> clear text authentication against the result of getpwnam().
> If you are asking about storing smbpasswd entries in a
> mySPL database, then no that has not been implemented.
> Although I remember someone working on it once.
> Simo, was that you?

Yes, back in time I started a mysql passdb backend agains samba 2.0.7, but
time constraints blocked the project as I preferred to implement TDB backend.
If there's a real interest I may take it back on my todo list, but I'm a
bit busy with my real work just now.


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