Samba / Windows 2000 NT?!

Chris Young cyoung at
Thu Aug 3 13:29:45 GMT 2000


I think this question is better suited to the general SAMBA list (please note
this as it seems alot of people are starting to get irritated with
samba-technical getting filled with general problems/questions).

I think that it's fair to say that with ANY Windows 2000 issues it is best to
use Samba 2.0.7.  That's where these fine gentlemen have fixed all of the
problems with Windows 2000 clients (at least to ones that were known about at
the time).  In other words, try Samba 2.0.7 and then post the results as they
could be helpful to others to the general samba list :)

Hope this helps,

On Thu, 03 Aug 2000, Cyko wrote:
> hi everyone,
> I have a Problem with Windows 2000 as a client on my Samba Server
> (2.0.6.xx), the Server does not appaer in the network neighbourhood. I can
> ping the server, net view works, and I can find it if I search for it in the
> Network Neighbourhood. WINS Server works (nmbview ip '*' -> positive
> answer).
> The Samba Server is domain master, local master, os level = 50
> The Server works fine with 9x clients ...
> Thank you
> bye
>  Mark Seidenfaden


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