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Your book was a lifesaver for me - and I have been running
Samba on BSDI 4.0.1 for about a year now; including running
Platinum (mentioned below) but now it's time for a major
upgrade from the vendor (Epicor). I know you must get a lot of
mail, so forgive the intrusion, but I didn't want to hit the
list with this - I saw your post with the following and it got
me thinking: (this was about Andrea Borgia and Forte Agent)

    These should not be mailed to the list. Contact me off line
    regarding this.  (b) you contact tech support and tell them that
    you have to have their product work against a Samba server.  Ask
    them to provide us with the application software necessary 
    for testing and debugging and we'll fix the server code.
    or (c) tell tech support that you have to use Sambs boxes and
    they can send us a patch to fix the server code.

I am right now in the process of being 'bullied' by Epicor into setting
up an NT/W2K server in order to upgrade a business application
called Platinum. Not to embroil you in a controversy, but I was
wondering (as a really small company) what I can do to help the
'perception' that Linux/Samba isn't an appropriate platform to
run business critical applicaionts? I also just wanted to sort
of send this along as an FYI. My vendor (Rick at is
more than willing to go the samba/linux route but he cautions
me that support from Epicor will be non-existent if we go that
way, so it's not his issue) By way of explanation, I got the
following exchange forwarded to me from my him.

(It may be just an 'ah, well - someday they'll learn, but it is
a shame)

(exchange with Epicor follows sig)

Rich Parker
Director of Engineering
Vermont Public Radio

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Feedback from Epicor about Linux.


J. Rick Lunt
Vice President
Dynamic Business Solutions
380 Hurricane Lane, Suite 101
Williston, VT 05495
Rick at

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We have not looked into this platform at all. My last
discussions with development was that they would look at it only if there was
enough demand but the thought was that accounting did not belong on a free
form O\S.

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Hello and good Friday!
Do you support PFW4.8a on a Linux server running PervasiveSQL
for Linux?

J. Rick Lunt 
Vice President 
Dynamic Business Solutions 
380 Hurricane Lane, Suite 101 
Williston, VT 05495 

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