Samba 2.0.7 eats memory on Solaris

Teemu Junnila (QRA) Teemu.Junnila at
Thu Aug 31 13:18:49 GMT 2000

I'll try to do that, but my smbd and nmbd are started from a veritas cluster so I can have a bit trouble to truss the start of the nmbd, it may get a bit far before I have picked up the process number and started the truss. I am not sure if I want to edit the start command in the cluster. I have to be a bit careful, I have hudreds of active users on the system.


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"Teemu Junnila (QRA)" wrote:
> I have upgraded samba from 2.0.6 to 2.0.7 on Sun enterprise 4000 running Solaris 7.
> I did not have any problems with 2.0.6 but 2.0.7 eats up the virtuell memory. I do not have
> any printers defined (saw this on another mail).
> It does not eat up all the memory directly, begins with 8% and after 3 hours I'm up to 50%, some more hours and 70% etc.
> Regards,
> Teemu Junnila
> Ex memmap
> Virtual   Size     Pagesize  Offset     Shared Library            Flags
> Address   (bytes)   (bytes)             Filename
> --------  -------  --------  ---------  ----------------          ---------
> 00010000   950272      8192          0  smbd (text)               READ EXEC
> 00106000    40960      8192     942080  smbd (data)               READ

	Same symptom as before, although it isn't necessarily
	the same disease...

	Can you log at -d3, and also run truss on the nmbd
	while it starts up, then pstack again?

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