include = /etc/smb.conf.%G

Vandal vandal at
Thu Aug 31 13:26:13 GMT 2000

i am using include = /etc/smb.conf.%G
in my shares to override the standard path

this way i can keep groups while using an NT pdc for authentication
i only have to keep unix accounts with the proper primary group

this works great under win9x ( i have only tested it on one win98se though)
the odd thing is that it only works on nt after several minutes (about
15min) (tested on 2 win2k and one win nt 4.0 machine)
before that it does load the include conf

i have placed %G in the comment line and it works there on both OS's

i assume the cause is the different implementations of the domains on nt and
it still seems very odd and i have no idea what would cause the above

i have tested it probably 20-30 times ... login out and login in and timing
how long it takes
(now this would make the problem ever wierder but it seems trying to connect
makes it take longer ... and the exact amount does vary ...)

i know this sound like i am just too stupid ...

on a side note ... using %g does not work on either OS
i have looked up the difference in the smb.conf man and in using samba ...
and i am not mapping anything
so i am surprised it makes a difference ... but using %u or %g in the
comment is not replaced by the username and group

thx for any thoughts

Lukas Smith

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