Passthrough authentication and users list

Dionysius Wilson Almeida dwilson at
Wed Aug 30 20:41:37 GMT 2000


I am doing a project and wanna authenticate users using NT
pass through authentication.  The thing is ..i don't want separate
users for ftp, telnet and separate for samba.  Now the samba
server would not be the Domain Controller.  The Domain Controller
would be an NT or 2000  box.  But i want to get the list of users
and authenticate using that information.  How can i do this as
I've no experience with CIFS and samba.  This is for a network
appliance that I'd working on... The idea is that the windows
users will be able to ftp their files etc to the box without
having to add each NT user to the box's password file.


Hmmm ... an arrogant bouquet with a subtle suggestion of POLYVINYL

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