Samba 2.0.7 Memory Bloat under Sparc Solaris 5.8

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Wed Aug 30 15:09:43 GMT 2000


We run Samba 2.0.6 on roughly 15 servers and have been trying to upgrade to
2.0.7 for quite a while and have been unable to due to the following 

A typical 2.0.6 smbd process for us is 4 meg in size.. a 2.0.7 smbd process 
grows to 190 meg in size over a period of seconds.  This then very quickly 
exhausts the ram resources of the servers this is tested on.

If I comment out the [printers] section from smb.conf then the proces size 
of smbd (2.0.7) drops to 880k.

We have approximately 2000 printers in our print cap, we run lprng.

I tried numerous things including making a new printcap which only 
listed the names of the printers without any of the printcap junk in there
and the problem still persisted.

The sparc box's are fully patched, I tried both Sun Workshop 5 and gcc
with the same results displayed under both.

It looks like the adding printer service section of samba has changed in
2.0.7 as compared to 2.0.6 and has caused severe memory bloat which has
not been picked up as yet because I doubt many other sites use Samba as
heaviliy as we do.

As with how all the home directories for user aren't set up at samba's
start up time .. is it really necessary to add every printer at start up
time?  I imagine for us at least it would be more efficient to check 
at the time of trying to mount the printer.

Travis Freeland

Systems Section Leader
Information Technology Services
Deakin University

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