VFS unlink and chmod not being called

Brad Sahr bsahr at macromedia.com
Wed Aug 30 17:06:51 GMT 2000

I thought I'd better add that the chmod() function within an
installed VFS is not getting called either. I'm changing file
permissions from MS Explorer on a Win2000 client.

If anyone has any thoughts on this and/or the unlink() situation
below, please chime in.



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> Subject: VFS unlink not being called
> It looks like reply_unlink() in reply.c also bypasses
> an installed VFS. Deleting a file on the VFS mediated
> share goes through the following code segment which
> does not call the VFS. It looks like if has_wild is
> true, the VFS unlink operation will be called, but I 
> haven't been able to do anything at the client to 
> cause this to happen.
> ** code segment from reply_unlink() in reply.c **
>   if (!has_wild) {
>     pstrcat(directory,"/");
>     pstrcat(directory,mask);
>     if (can_delete(directory,conn,dirtype) && !dos_unlink(directory))
>       count++;
>     if (!count)
>       exists = vfs_file_exist(conn,directory,NULL);    
>   } else {
>   ...
>   }
> Would it be reasonable to replace the dos_unlink() call with
> a call to the vfs_ops.unlink() as is done later in the code?
> Brad

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