Chris Farey cfarey at eurologic.com
Wed Aug 30 09:43:36 GMT 2000

Looking through the documentation on the VFS layer, I couldn't
help wondering if perhaps it should be done differently. One 
problem with serving CIFS from a UNIX server is that the underlying
file system model used by NTFS is different from that used by
UNIX file systems. Would it have been better to design the VFS
layer to have more of an NTFS feel than a UNIX feel? By that I
mean to have it use Unicode file names, NT file attributes, support
for named streams etc. It would then be up to the underlying file system
to decide which features it supported, and to return appropriate errors
(or whatever) when asked to do something it did not support.

Just a thought - what do people think?

Chris Farey	Eurologic Systems	cfarey at eurologic.com

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