Failed to set gid privileges

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Tue Aug 29 12:51:05 GMT 2000

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From: "Eloy A. Paris" <eparis at>
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Subject: Re: Failed to set gid privileges
Date:   Mon, 28 Aug 2000 21:55:52 -0400
slootsky at wrote:
> I run Debian Linux, and I had Samba running.  I just upgraded to
> version 2.2 of Debian, which included an upgrade to version 2.0.7-3.
> Now I'm getting the following messages anytime a connection is attempted,
> and then I get a message that "This device does not exist on the network"
> [2000/08/28 00:08:56, 0] lib/util_sec.c:assert_gid(72)
>   Failed to set gid privileges to (-1,1002) now set to (0,0) uid=(0,0)
> [2000/08/28 00:08:56, 0] lib/util.c:smb_panic(2381)
>   PANIC: failed to set gid

You wrote:
| I am the maintainer of the Samba package for Debian and know very 
| well what your problem is: you are running a 2.0.x linux kernel. If 
| you upgrade to a 2.2.x Linux kernel the problem will go away. This 
| problem has been reported several times, and I still haven't been 
| able to figure out a nice solution.

	The Multics approach was to trap on the invalid call,
	and tell the human that the program needed a library
	containing, in this case, setresgid()

	We do the same thing (finally ^$%^$%#^!!!) on Solaris,
	and I wonder if we can't arrange to do the same thing
	on Linux.

	The underlying problem is detecting the presence/absence
	of a function call at compile time instead of load-time,
	which opens a huge window for failure...
	The arguably proper place to fix this is in the linker,
	but that's famously not under the controll of the Samba
	team (;-)).  Could you raise this with the Debian folks,
	and see if we can get this adressed in a later release.

|			 So, when you run these binaries in a
| system that is running a 2.0.x kernel, the program (smbd) tries to 
| make these system calls but since they are not available they fail

	Hmmn: what is the errno value returned?  It should be
	ENOTSUP, "Operation not supported".  If it is, Samba
	can be taught to produce the proper error message...

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