Possible problem porting swat

Ron Alexander rcalex at home.com
Mon Aug 28 20:25:22 GMT 2000

I have been using swat for a while on the Stratus Samba port, but I just
discovered a weird problem.

I have added links to the FAQ's at the bottom of the swat home page (and
slightly re-organized the docs directories).

I found a link to the DIAGNOSIS.txt and clicked it. The page gets displayed,
but there is no formatting. Basically it all runs together.

If I just grab a snippet of html and create a test.html in my home directory
with a link to DIAGNOSIS.txt everything works fine.

The only difference is that the failing version uses swat and the working
version is normal (via a samba home dir share) html.

I would like to re-solve this in order to give my users the ability to read
and learn about samba via swat. I don't believe in re-inventing the wheel.


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