dce/rpc "client" api

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at samba.org
Fri Aug 25 06:18:58 GMT 2000

> Can we please either return to civil technical discussion

of course.  i came to the approximate conclusion at the end of yesterday
that the purpose of this discussion has been fulfilled.

> While a fork of Samba isn't an ideal result I think it is far better
> than this continual bickering. It will allow us all to get on with our
> work in peace.

> So Luke, please make a choice. Fit in with the way Jeremy and I do
> things (warts and all) or start your own project.

i would only do that with enough support and interest to justify it.

> If you do decide to start your own project then I will be delighted to
> point people who need the particular features that are a strength of
> your implementation at your project, and I will also be perfectly
> happy with your re-using any code that we may add to the Samba source
> code in your project. I hope you will extend the same courtesies.

of course.

thx andrew.  btw i think that, despite some misunderstandings which have
occasionally taken months to resolve, you have essentially held to your
principles of accepting proven, quality work, which i respect.


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