dce/rpc "client" api

Andrew Tridgell tridge at linuxcare.com
Fri Aug 25 05:43:45 GMT 2000


> _plus_, over the last week i have given you more than enough opportunities
> for you to demonstrate some sort of interest in cooperation on samba's
> development.  instead, you have used the opportunity to demonstrate that
> you have no interest in accommodating anything that i do, or the reasons
> for doing it.
> well, good luck to you, i hope your future endeavours are successful.

Can we please either return to civil technical discussion or can you
please just go off and work on your own project. 

While a fork of Samba isn't an ideal result I think it is far better
than this continual bickering. It will allow us all to get on with our
work in peace.

So Luke, please make a choice. Fit in with the way Jeremy and I do
things (warts and all) or start your own project. If you do decide to
start your own project then I will be delighted to point people who
need the particular features that are a strength of your
implementation at your project, and I will also be perfectly happy
with your re-using any code that we may add to the Samba source code
in your project. I hope you will extend the same courtesies.

Cheers, Tridge

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