threads and VMS [Re: dce/rpc "client" api]

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Fri Aug 25 04:42:26 GMT 2000

"Martin Kuhne" <mkuhne at> wrote:

> Async I/O is available in the Win32 API. Check ReadFile(),
> GetQueuedCompletionStatus() and friends for details. In kernel mode you
> have actual callbacks. Hardly surprising since NT has a VMS background :)

It was the lack of user mode callbacks that I was specifically referring to.

You are basically confirming what I was saying.

> This lets you move on from a one thread per client to a basically one
> thread per CPU architecture.

The user mode callbacks (ASTs) make such light-weight "threads" much easier
to implement for in-process multiple connection server.

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