dce/rpc "client" api

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Thu Aug 24 15:36:57 GMT 2000

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> > In Linux, on the other hand, instead of 10x it's more like 1.5x or so.
> > (Not that threads are *less* efficient -- mostly that fork() is *more*
> > efficient.)  Thus the cost argument for threads doesn't hold up so
> > much.  (But there can still be other reasons!)
> linux processes are a specialisation of threads (or something to that
> effect).
	The Linux kernel doesn't actually have a notion of "processes", as
such.  It's all threads, which may or may not share any combination of
memory, file handles, or assorted other things with their parents.

	e.g. a process is a thread that shares nothing with its parent.

> the same underlying function is used by both create_thread() and fork(),
> and this function is told which of the kernel-bits to copy, and which to
> share.  using a bit-mask :) :)
	It's actually clone() that's used by both (indirectly at the kernel
level by fork(), and directly called by pthread_create() [there is no
create_thread()], which is a glibc function rather than a system call)

	The one downside to this is that it falls to userspace to set up a
new stack for a new thread.

> solaris' fork() function presumably copies _everything_, which is kinda
> majorly expensive.
	Ugh, yeah.  Apparently it does:


	It looks like the overhead for supporting "lightweight processes"
also make fork() even more expensive than it might be otherwise.

	Solaris also has an in-kernel fork() throttle.  fun.

	It looks like the only Unices you can expect copy-on-write forks
from are those derived from BSD 4.4 (where copy-on-write fork() was
apparently first introduced), and Linux.  That basically means none of the
commercial Unices... :/

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