threads and VMS [Re: dce/rpc "client" api]

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Thu Aug 24 04:36:02 GMT 2000

> - the above all assumes a single client. Now what happens when we
>   are serving a dozen or (as happens in a netbench run) hundreds of
>   clients? You only gain when you multi-thread if your your single
>   threaded system doesn't have anything useful to do while waiting for
>   a read to complete. When there are large numbers of clients this is
>   unlikely.

this might explain why samba's performance ramps up from a factor of 2
worse than NT with small numbers of netbench clients, crossing over at
equal performance at around 12 clients, and overtakes by a factor of 2 at
large numbers of clients.

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