[Evolution-hackers] RE: encryption of MAPI

Christopher R. Hertel crh at nts.umn.edu
Wed Aug 23 17:34:29 GMT 2000

> Martin Kuhne wrote:
> > Did you ever wonder what these people may think when you ask them for
> > cooperation (i.e. disclosure of RPC protocols)?
> They would say 'Please pay $x,xxx,xxx and sign this NDA, thank you.'

We have, in fact, asked Microsoft for the IDL interface specifications.  
The answer was reasonable but non-committal.  The issue is being handled 
via the SNIA/CIFS documentation working group.

> I could almost guarantee that if they could find grounds for prosecuting
> people for reverse engineering their protocols they would (luckily in many
> countries it is not illegal).

The legality of reverse engineering varies from place to place.  Further,
it's not always clear what one may *do* with the reverse engineered
information.  I encourage everyone to become active with regard to
Intellectual Property rights.  The corporations are already active and the
laws are clearly in their favor, and getting moreso all the time. 
Consumers and Open Source developers are being left behind.

This is an ongoing fight.  Please get involved.

> Remember, for companies like Microsoft, their 'intellectual property' is
> part of the equation of the worth of the entire company.

Yes.  ...and there is no reason that they would or should release such
information while it is legal for them to keep it private.

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