UNIX domain sockets [was Re: dce/rpc services]

Cole, Timothy D. timothy_d_cole at md.northgrum.com
Wed Aug 23 14:22:37 GMT 2000

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> Sent:	Wednesday, August 23, 2000 7:35
> To:	Gerald Carter
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> Subject:	Re: UNIX domain sockets [was Re: dce/rpc services]
> At least all unices around me (linux, many versions of
> solaris, sco, old-good interactive unix) all (almost)
> are ok here.  `Almost' is becouse some of them ignores
> chmod and permissions for the sockets, but this can be
> trivially cured by introducing additional subdir for
> each socket that will hold necessary permissions.
	I'm assuming that the creation of such a directory,
readable/writable/searchable only by root, to put hte sockets in, was

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