Characters aren't encoded correctly with SWAT.

Ryo Kawahara rkawa at
Wed Aug 23 09:36:11 GMT 2000

I've sent a patch to samba-patches at
The patch fixes a problem that smb.conf is not encoded correctly
if a user edits it with SWAT using Japanese multibyte characters.
(I also sent patch#158 but I had made a mistake in it. please delete it.)

No problem occurs while loading smb.conf with SWAT no matter if
multibyte characters are included or not, but if we commit or
save paramters to the file with SWAT, then multibyte characters are
not encoded correctly.
The reason why the problem happens is that SWAT is re-using lp_ooo()
functions which are designed only for smb.conf I/O, not for SWAT.
more information is written in the patch.

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