Sander Striker s.striker at striker.nl
Wed Aug 23 07:51:07 GMT 2000


I guess it would be better to move the DCE/RPC discussion
to the sidlc list. There will be a lot of postings on this
subject (I think) and the sidlc list could be used for
dce/rpc topics (idl, dce/rpc, it's all connected).

The idea is to implement a dce/rpc toolkit, including a
matching idl compiler. Like Jerry pointed out, samba can
be migrated to it at a later point, when it's done, stable
and accepted. For now it will be done as a seperate

For anyone interested, subscribe to sidlc at samba.org.


PS. When referring to the dce/rpc discussion, I mean the
discussion about rpc/dce, not the entire discussion with
the subject 'dce/rpc ...' :-)

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