threads and VMS [Re: dce/rpc "client" api]

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Wed Aug 23 02:08:43 GMT 2000

"John E. Malmberg" wrote:
> I do have an alternative that I do not think that UNIX 
> has with implementing something similar to fork().
> If the code that does the "accept() followed by a fork()" 
> can easily be wrapped in a routine like:
> routine accept_new_thread
>    (socket, &structure_of_thread_specific_globals,
> &procedure_formerly_run_after_fork);
> In this case the completion of the accept() call would 
> cause a new thread, not a process to start up.  Much 
> less overhead, so the scalability is better.

John,  I'm not sure I foolow you here, but I do know
that the issue of a thread smbd server has been hashed around
quite a lot in the past.  Maybe the samba-technical archives
has some mention of it.  

Now if only they were searchable (Hey Tim :-)  )

Cheers, jerry
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