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Gerald Carter gcarter at
Wed Aug 23 02:11:01 GMT 2000

Pierre-Jules Tremblay wrote:
> I applaud the fact that very recently the debate has 
> been taken to samba-technical, but I can't help 
> but notice replies quoting messages that I've *never* 
> seen before on the list (caveat emptor - perhaps this
> is partly due to the recent ORBS problem?).

Possibly due to the fact that Luke doesn't subscribe 
to any of the samba mailing lists.  (hey Luke :-) )

> Don't you guys think samba has gotten a little 
> big a project in all respects to just "wing it" 
> (without roadmaps) ?

It is laid out...just not documented :-)  Truthfully, I 
have been trying to get one done for the past few weeks.
Maybe this week.

Cheers, jerry
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