IFDEF misplaced?

Christopher R. Hertel crh at nts.umn.edu
Tue Aug 22 20:31:28 GMT 2000

This was sent to Samba-CVS.  The original subject line was highly suspect
and I almost deleted it without reading it.  I would have, too, but I
fat-fingered the keys.  (No, honest!)

Useful subject lines (something other than 'xxx') are recommended.

Chris -)-----

> Hi, the HAVE_LIBDL #endif compilation clause is wrong placed in conn.c.
> There is a compilation error whenever #ifdef HAVE_LIBDL evaluates false.
> Just move it down.
> *****
> diff smbd/conn.c smbd/conn.c.orig
> 177a178
> > #endif /* HAVE_LIBDL */
> 185d185
> < #endif /* HAVE_LIBDL */
> *****
> Cheers,
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