Spelling error of a Company name.

Ron Alexander rcalex at home.com
Tue Aug 22 15:26:56 GMT 2000

I don't know where else to send this, but since I saw some similar things
from David Collier-Brown I thought it would be ok. The problem is a spelling
error, but it is the name of a vendor.

If I was a Unix person, I could probably fix it myself, but I am not and
therfore need someone else to assist.

Ron Alexander

On the Samba-Server-FAQ.html page at the bottom is:
2.23 Issues specific to Stratos VOS systems

It should be Stratus.

Similarly, when you click the link the same error is there. Interestingly,
the next line on that page has the correct spelling.

2.23 Issues specific to Stratos VOS systems

Samba for Stratus VOS

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