SAMBA_TNG branch [was Re: dce/rpc "client" api]

Sander Striker s.striker at
Tue Aug 22 14:10:34 GMT 2000

>> I very much appreciate this. I think TNG needs to 
>> be supported until there is a production release of DC 
>> code. This gap needs to stay filled, otherwise people 
>> have to go back to MS servers...
>ok.  I really hate to bring this up, but SAMBA_TNG was 
>designed to to be a development branch.  It is not 
>"supported" now so how can it be continued to be 

Well, you've got a point there. However, TNG is being used
in some places (don't know how many) against all warnings
that is indeed not production code. I think that telling
everybody that has been so kind to experiment with TNG and
getting a lot of the bugs out (by reporting them) to just
take a hike is, well, cruel. There is no alternative at
this point (other than MS servers). So what I'm trying to
say is that it would be nice to keep TNG up to date (doing
merges of bugfixes) while the production branch is still
under development.

>It just seems like things have gotten a little 
>out of perspective.  This entire conversation has gotten 
>so far off track at this point.  

What were we talking about again? :-)
Seriously: you are right. I guess that everything on every subject is
just bubbling up right now, I should know better and change
the subject line, or I should just shut up.


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