dce/rpc "client" api

Sander Striker s.striker at striker.nl
Tue Aug 22 06:49:22 GMT 2000

>> Agreed. I guess the decision on daemons or libraries has
>> slipped my mind. I think it makes sense to do a publication
>> of some kind of technical roadmap, at least for HEAD, at
>> certain intervals (each month?).
>I doubt anyone has time for that frequent a roadmap,

Well, I think there should be made a little time for it.
It's always nice to know where things are going, which points
are still valid and which have been dismissed. Also, this
will probably not take up enormous amounts of time. An
hour a month tops. Just the headlines, some detail (not
to the bare bone). Consider this is for a part of the
audience and part of the team, the only way to keep up to
date about the direction samba is going.


PS. A report/insight like the one you posted seems to be
what I'm aiming for (it also leeds to discussion on points
that aren't clear _and_ sometimes mistakes can be caught
before implementing them :-).

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