Linux Samba Server Generating Bizarre File Modification Times

Kenji Spencer (burst) Kenji.Spencer at
Mon Aug 21 20:21:22 GMT 2000

Hi there.  We are using Samba on Red Hat Linux 6.1 to remote mount a
directory that physically resides on a Windows NT 4.0 host.  We are noticing
that whenever a process on the Linux machine performs a read from a file in
the Samba-mounted directory, the file's modification time is updated
(presumably by the Samba server) to a completely unreliable value, and this
is causing us problems later.

We are remote-mounting the directory "/build" residing on the Windows NT
host "nthost" using the following Linux command:

	smbmount //nthost/build -U rmbuild -c 'mount //build -u rmbuild -d
777 -f 777'

If we then issue the command:

	cp /build/myfile /home/rmbuild

the file "myfile" is copied correctly from Samba-mounted directory "/build"
to the local directory "/home/rmbuild".  However, after the copy operation
completes, the original file "/build/myfile" will have been given a
modification date of something like Nov. 5, 1917, despite the fact that the
file was not written to.  Someone suggested mounting the directory in
read-only mode, but we would like to be able to write to the remote
directory as well.

Does anyone know of a way that we can prevent the Samba server from
assigning these bizarre file modification times to files that it should not
be writing to?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

	Kenji Spencer

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