dce/rpc "client" api

Jeremy Allison jeremy at valinux.com
Mon Aug 21 17:51:11 GMT 2000

Sander Striker wrote:
> I'm not going
> Jeremy> to re-hash those discussions here - check the mail
> Jeremy> archives for details. As technical lead and chief architect
> Jeremy> of Samba it is his decision to make, and I concurr with it.
> Hmm, why is this last line always needed? This is clear and
> I really find this the annoying part (pulling rank) which I
> was referring to in response to Lukes announcement.

I wasn't trying to be annoying. It's just that we've had
this discussion, and Andrew made the decision on which way
we're going to do things. I originally liked Luke's separate
daemon idea until Andrew pointed out to me the problems with
is (scalability, reliability etc.) and persuaded me that the
shared library way is better and will be easier to implement.

One of the problems when people don't agree is that they
sometimes try to change a technical decision by bringing
the same points up over and over again in email, hoping for
a different outcome (one they like :-).

I have a limited time for email, Andrew has stopped responding
to it entirely (as you may have noticed) and it's this kind
of re-hashing technical decisions already made that causes
people to just give up on email. This is very sad, as I personally
consider it a useful discussion tool - but eventually someone
has to make a decision, and that person in the Samba Team is

In a way, that last line *was* "pulling rank" - in that
Andrew (who is the Team Architectural Lead) - had already
made the decision of "the way it will be" and further email
on this subject is just a time waster. We need to just get
coding on it and make it a reality. 

Sorry if you found the tone of the email annoying Sander,
I was just trying to get the discussion back on track as
to implementation, not going over ground we've covered



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