dce/rpc services (was Re: dce/rpc "client" api)

Elrond elrond at samba.org
Mon Aug 21 16:43:09 GMT 2000

On Mon, Aug 21, 2000 at 11:15:57AM -0500, Gerald Carter wrote:
> Sander Striker wrote:
> > 
> > Could you please give me a short insight between the
> > diffs between ONC/RPC and DCE/RPC? Maybe a pointer
> > to ONC/RPC?
> ONC/RPC is what Sun implemented.  And pretty much 
> every one else.


Except, there's now a DCE for Unix, but that's another

> > Granted. However, if this code is used to do 
> > a proper implementation of dce/rpc including dce/rpc 
> > over smb, there are going to be conflicts. I mean, 
> > a dce/rpc endpointmapper provides easy extendability 
> > to services provided. Samba would need a proprietary
> > way...
> I was under the impression that each transport 
> layer would have its own endport mapper.  For example,
> a dce/rpc over SMB would listen on port 139 (or 445 
> depending).  A dce/rpc over TCP would listen on 
> another published port.

(don't know precisely about 445, it is netbios-less, or
even smb-less? Or what? Luke? (No, I'm no expert in this
low-level stuff. I'm interested in RPC and the nt<->unix

I haven't followed the discussion on shared libraries vs.
seperate daemons. (any hints on dates/subjects?)

But the problem is:

a) You all should know, that shared libraries are not
   supported properly everywhere, and it get's even more
   complicated, when you want to use dlopen().
b) (with a in mind) Let's assume, I want to write a new
   dce/rpc-service. And I also have the client-app for nt4,
   so it will only talk dce/rpc over SMB. How do I add that
   thing to Samba (which is the one, listening on port
c) (This is even more far in the future, but I at least see
   a possibility in it)
   (When you look at wine) It might be even of interest to
   have DCE/RPC-services available localy for localy
   running applications. (for security reasons, they can't
   load shared libraries, those apps would need to run as
   root) Of course, it could run against localhost:139...
   But as I understand it, unix domain sockets are faster
   localy. (or why is X running through unix-sockets?)
   And running against unix domain sockets would stop all
   the netbios/smb-auth-stuff (also performance)

That said, I would realy like to see at least _support_ in
released samba for forwarding DCE/RPC to a localy running

This does not mean, I'm against DCE/RPC over shared
libraries, it simply says, I want DCE/RPC over unix-sockets


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