dce/rpc "client" api

Sander Striker s.striker at striker.nl
Mon Aug 21 16:08:51 GMT 2000

Good insight, thx Jerry.

>I've a couple of points to make here.
>(1) The initial thread starting started out (and is 
>still named a "client" api.  In my mind, this is entirely
>separate from Samba's implementation.  I realize that
>Samba is a the primary consumer at the moment.  Jeremy's
>point is that Samba should support dce/rpc over SMB only.
>This is the same type of choice as saying "Samba supports
>netbios over TCP/IP over...not IPX support."
>(2) The choice of only supporting dce/rpc over SMB 
>in Samba does not limit, not hinder, the development of
>Luke's proposal for dce/rpc over (for example) TCP.
>Suppose something like and exchange implementation
>used dce/rpc over TCP.  It would be possible for
>for the dce/rpc TCP endport mapper to direct 
>requests to the appropriate location without interfering
>with a locally running Samba server.

This would be my greatest concern. Samba is pro interoperability,
so is Luke (maybe even more, but lets not go there), so
there should be a way to make this all work together. I
suspect however that when the dce/rpc implementation makes
progress it will someday be desireable to replace sambas
codebase. In which case it would be more appropiate to use
the dce/rpc implementation... but this is a later issue.

>In my mind, Luke's desire for an dce/rpc development 
>environment is much broader than Samba's needs.  That's 
>ok.  Samba can implement the subset necessary to provide
>the service our users want.  The two goals do not conflict
>with each other once we realize that they are separate 

True :-) So lets not make it sound that way anymore.

>Conclusion : Samba will support dce/rpc over SMB.  Luke 
>is free to continue to development support for over 
>transports in a framework that allows others to build on top
>of it.  Samba will implement its own framework based upon 
>the knowledge that Luke has gained.


>Question : Is there any instance where Samba would 
>need to support (for the sake of a client) dce/rpc
>over TCP?  I have to traces to verify this.


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