Error in Using Samba, chapter 4, on Virtual Servers

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Mon Aug 21 12:53:32 GMT 2000

  In section 4.7.1, netbios aliases, I said
             workgroup = SALES
             hosts allow =

             path = /usr/local/samba/sales/sales1998/

     This particular example would set the workgroup to SALES as well,

	In fact, this is not true: if you set the machine
	up as documented, the workgroup will be WORKGROUP.
	You can't set multiple workgroups, just multiple servers.

	I missed this in testing, and discovered it only
	recently (ie, a kind commentator on samba-technical
	corrected me (;-))

	Specifically, "nmblookup -R admin" returns:

	ELSBETH         <00> -         M <ACTIVE> 
        ELSBETH         <03> -         M <ACTIVE> 
        ELSBETH         <20> -         M <ACTIVE> 
        ACCOUNTING      <00> -         M <ACTIVE> 
        ACCOUNTING      <03> -         M <ACTIVE> 
        ACCOUNTING      <20> -         M <ACTIVE> 
        ADMIN           <00> -         M <ACTIVE> 
        ADMIN           <03> -         M <ACTIVE> 
        ADMIN           <20> -         M <ACTIVE> 
        SALES           <00> -         M <ACTIVE> 
        SALES           <03> -         M <ACTIVE> 
        SALES           <20> -         M <ACTIVE> 
        WORKGROUP       <00> - <GROUP> M <ACTIVE> 
        WORKGROUP       <1e> - <GROUP> M <ACTIVE> 

	This means that the virtual hosts were working as intended,
	but that the workgroup fell back to the default.

	To O'Reilly: I propose removing the WORKGROUP = 
	line and the following description. Could you
	please add this to the reported errata?

	To Samba-technical:  would it be a good thing
	if you could set workgroups in included smb.conf files?
	Would it be an easy change?

	To samba-docs: I'll do this after the current list of
	updates I'm working on.

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