Samba TNG and RPC stuff

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Mon Aug 21 06:55:18 GMT 2000

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hi, yes i can confirm that samba tng is a significant restructure of
samba, isolationg the function of "samba, the file and print server" which
is what i have been told that samba is, from the dce/rpc services that are
required and used by an NT domain compatible server.

the reason for this isolation is so that, exactly as mr tony hoyle says,
prospective coders wishing to investigate the use of samba's code are noot
put off by the "mega-monolith" of 300,000 lines of code.

[ the current structure of the production-release samba code is based on
3-year-old code from pre-alpha experimental developent, and is not
suitable for use in production environments not is it suitable for general
usage other than to provide skeleton services for samba to look like an nt

additionally, extra services such as exchanged, can be written and just...
run, dynamically registering themselves with the samba-equivalent of the
DCE/RPC endport mapper [which i have yet to write :) :)]


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