failures in smbtorture, dbench and friends

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Mon Aug 21 11:41:58 GMT 2000

acherry at wrote:
> The symptoms I get are a few sporadic "nb_close: handle XXX was not
> open" and "write failed on handle XXXX" early on in the test.  At some
> point later in the test (several lines of dots), I get a whole flood of
> the above messages; eventually it starts segfaulting when the +*+*
> starts appearing (popping up a few xterms with gdb running).  Nothing
> ever appears in the log.smb on the Samba system to indicate anything
> wrong on the server side. (BTW, I get this cosistently whether I run
> on the same machine Samba is running on or on a different system).

	Ok, I/m going to send andrew my modified dbench/tbench,
	which has latency and error reporting hacks, and try
	the same modifications on smbtorture.

	Do you want the diffs submitted to samba-patches 
	or the samba list?

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