Windows 2000 Client on Ssamba

Leigh Green lgreen at
Sat Aug 19 23:03:22 GMT 2000

O.k. So Samba is working fine win Windows 2000 Pro clients, and Windows 98SE
clients, all authenticating, sharing, printing fine.

I have set Samba up as a Domain Controller, or Member server I think would
be the more appropriate terminology.
I can set the Win98 clients up on the domain without a problem.  But because
Windows 2K Pro is WinNT5.0 Wkstation it requires the "Administration account
with privleges to join the network"
	The problem is that under WinNT adding a computer to the domain is done at
PDC level.  Since Samba is not yet PDC ready.  How on earth do I do it???
I have tried using smbadduser and smbpasswd -a -m  etc. to add the Win2K
machine because the authenitcation doesnt' work when using the Win2K "Join
to Domain" etc.
Is there any way I can add the machine (as I have with smbadduser, etc.) and
then just change some REG entries in the Win2K machine to macke it think it
has successfully joined the domain??????


Leigh Green

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