failures in smbtorture, dbench and friends

acherry at acherry at
Fri Aug 18 17:16:19 GMT 2000

David Collier-Brown writes:
 > acherry at wrote:
 > 	It turns out that the dbench suite doesn't report	
 > 	a common failure mode: running out of space.  Instead
 > 	it tries to continue, and the numbers are skewed.
 > 	I've changed dbench to have it suicide on out-of-space
 > 	instead of telling fibs, and will send back the diffs
 > 	after I give the whole suite a more thorough tryout. 
 > 	Anyone who wants them now, send me email.

Thanks for your response...

It looks like I'm not dealing with the same issue you had; there's
plenty of disk space for the "netbench" share, and I don't even come
close to running out.  I've tried this on both an Ultra 60 and an
Enterprise 4500, with the same results.

The symptoms I get are a few sporadic "nb_close: handle XXX was not
open" and "write failed on handle XXXX" early on in the test.  At some 
point later in the test (several lines of dots), I get a whole flood of 
the above messages; eventually it starts segfaulting when the +*+*
starts appearing (popping up a few xterms with gdb running).  Nothing
ever appears in the log.smb on the Samba system to indicate anything
wrong on the server side. (BTW, I get this cosistently whether I run
on the same machine Samba is running on or on a different system).

I'm not running Solaris 8, however; I'm using Solaris 2.6.  This sort
of thing did happen to me the last time I tried using smbtorture
(maybe a year ago).

Unfortunately, I don't have any non-Solaris UNIX boxes to try running
smbtorture on, so it's hard to determine which end (client or server)
the problem is on.  The only other possibility would be to comandeer a
PC and throw a Linux install on it to try it as a client...but my end
goal is to get smbtorture working on one of our cluster machines and
point it to the other one (taking advantage of the gigabit Ethernet

My builds of Samba 2.0.7 and smbtorture were both done with the Workshop 5.0 
C compilers, if that matters any.

I've also tried the CVS version of smbtorture, but run into the same issues.

Any thoughts as to what might be going on?  Has anyone on the list
ever tried running smbtorture under Solaris 2.6, or seen this behavior 
in situations other than a full disk?



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