different share for different workgroup - Howto??

Bernard Dugas bernard.dugas at is-production.com
Sat Aug 19 00:23:50 GMT 2000


I had a very close need and was happy to test that answer :

David Collier-Brown wrote :
> Frank Rust wrote:
> > I would like to share some directories to different workgroups; where
> > i.e. /home/aaa is shared only to workgroup A and /home/bbb is only
> >      shared to workgroup B and /home/free is shared to all workgroups.
> >      My samba server might be in workgroup C.
>         I wouldn't use workgroups: instead I'd use virtual servers,
>         so that if you connect to server A you'll see [homes] and
> [free],
>         where homes is pointed to /home/aaa.
>         Have a look at
>         http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/samba/chapter/book/ch04_07.html
>         for instructions.
BTW this book is a treasure !)

But the constraint for netbios aliases is that all sales, accounting and
admin users are in the same workgroup : each one can see all users.

How can I obtain that a user in sales group only see the netbios sales
server and the other sales PCs ? 

One idea would be to have a "multi workgroup" samba server, but i can't
see any "workgroup aliases" equivalent.

Is it possible to filter the inter-visibility in the samba server used
as WINS server  ?

Should I run 3 smb daemons on my hardware, each one in a different
workgroup ?

Any idea or experience about that ?

Thanks a lot for your help,

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