Large-scale Samba installs?

A L Palacios palacios at
Fri Aug 18 19:12:14 GMT 2000

I have SAMBA 2.0.7 running in a 3-way ServiceGuard Cluster (HP-UX 11.0)...

Using SAMBA's "include file = ", I'm able to run a total of 24 different 
"samba" servers on just 3 machines; none of them are sitting idle.

It's just a matter of having the right "interfaces =" line in your smb.conf
at the right time, which can be easily modified when starting/stopping your
HA packages.

Did it by creating a simple "add_pkg_to_samba/remove_pkg_from_samba" shell
script that modifies smb.conf when called from HA control scripts (there are
some considerations you need to keep in mind: locking files, necessary clean-up
before joining the cluster after a crash, etc.).

I wish I could share them with you but, unfortunately I can't; they're Motorola

A.L. Palacios

> "Christopher R. Hertel" wrote:
> > 
> > > I'm pretty sure I can make Samba work in a symmetric failover
> > > situation by running two separate instances of Samba and binding only
> > > to the appropriate interface in each (the cluster does IP address
> > > takevoer in the event of a failover).  My guess is that this is what
> > > HP does in their packaging of Samba for their HA servers.  This would
> > > be a major selling point for Samba, since the commercial product can't
> > > do this (i.e. half of our cluster is basically sitting idle)... though
> > > of course they promise that it will be "supported in the next release"
> > > ;-)
> > 
> > There has been work on this.  I don't know the status but someone on the
> > list probably will.
> > 
> > Folks:  Who's got High Availability running?
> I worked on the Samba plugin for SGI failsafe (now Open
> Sourced) whilst at SGI. It worked pretty well. Herb, do
> you want to comment ?
> Jeremy.
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