Problem to bind Port 139

Lutz Malchus malchus at
Fri Aug 18 13:56:46 GMT 2000

I 've got Problems to bind the Samba-Server v2.0.7 on Solaris 7
because the Port 139 is bind to another Process.

netstat -a | grep 139
tristan.139                *.*                0      0     0      0 LISTEN

"ps -ef | grep smbd" say's that no smbd-Process is running.

Wenn I am starting Samba-Server (on Port 139 anyway) the
Log-File describes the smbd could bind Port 139 successfully (?)
But Samba is not reachable from smbclient (-p 139) 

When I'am trying the same (starting smbd then smbdclient) on port 140
everything works fine, but I can't reach the Samba-Server from Windows...
I assume Windows is searching on Port 139.

How can I discover the Process which is Listening on Port 139 ??
Or how can I reach Samba from Windows on Port yxz ??

Thanks for every helpfull response

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