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Fri Aug 18 11:33:19 GMT 2000

"Christopher R. Hertel" wrote:
> Sigh.
> There is a small document called "internals", I believe, but it won't be
> very much use.
> The problem is that Samba itself is the result of both the docs you've
> already found and reverse-engineering work.  That means that we don't
> always know why the protocol does what it does, and we also have a moving
> target.  That's tough to document.
> Best bet is to ask good technical questions.
Unfortunately, looking through the code tree and the ftp server I have
not found it! (Perhaps in CVS?)
I hope you will not be too annoyed if I ask silly questions in future,
but samba is really a monster to understand from scratch both because M$
does not give clear docs as you pointed and both because the project has
grown quite a lot in time.
Have you ever thought of splitting the code in smaller modules and load
them at runtime if needed?

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