samba development

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Thu Aug 17 02:40:08 GMT 2000

> things, you wanted to change. This is not, because I would
> always say "Yes" to everything you say (there are things,
> where we're quite on differente sides.), but because I
> think I understand most of it and I think you're simply
> right.

elrond, i know what you mean.  i know exactly which areas and things you
are talking about.  fortunately, when i describe to you what the aims are,
you take them into account, and i make sure that what you were aiming for
is incorporated.

[i am thinking specifically of your wish to make all the dce/rpc code
non-Unicode, and the aims were to make an MSDN-like library -
Unicode-based.  with wrappers-to-ascii to provide a suitable unix
front-end, we came up with, remember? :)]

that's the way i think these things should be done.

instead, by other people, i have ideas dismissed because they are
considered too much effort for too little return.  my complaint with this
is that samba is not a commercial venture: the consideration of "return on
investment" just simply does not apply, and if i want to put the effort
in, and will enjoy it, i will do what the xxxx i damn well please,
regardless of the pseudo-estimates and impositions on me as to what is
considered, by other people, too much effort.

the only possible considerations that i can see are of value are long-term
maintainability, technical merit and that they actually solve the problem
at hand!!

thx elrond.


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