The Evil LockD Daemon! Beware! Beware!

papowell at papowell at
Thu Aug 17 02:10:40 GMT 2000

I see somebody has once again discovered the Evil LockD Daemon and
its nefarious and diabolical influence on the digestive systems
and emotional stability of developers, sysadmins, and mere mortals.

Draw Back!  Draw Back I say!  Mount not your server dependent files
and directories on NFS shared volumes!

If you persist,  there will be grave and possibly fatal consequences
to your sanity,  if not the file system,  process explosion, and
other system facilities.

And this,  I say, and say again,  is when LockD has been patched,
repaired, trussed, braced, and all of the bubble gum and Dr. Suess
Band Aids removed from the code.

You don't even want to think about systems where LockD has failed,
restarted, and there have been processes trying to gain locks...
Ok, mortal,  you think about it.  I already have the ulcers, high
blood pressure, and a warning in my code.

Patrick ("Trust not file Locking and NFS!") Powell

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