samba development

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Thu Aug 17 02:07:38 GMT 2000

> In other words -- from R&D to production.

that's been happening for two to three years.  the problem comes when it
is "assessed" that those people responsible for the production releases do
not accept the development of ideas, despite proof-of-concept bloody well
staring at them in the face.

i admit that i have not outlined _all_ of the aims behind the samba
dce/rpc development: i am basically aiming for a portable [that means no
threads] ms-compatible dce/rpc development environment.

to that end, various "short-cuts" that have been proposed, such as the one
by andrew tridgell yesterday on the samba-technical mailing list do not
pull any weight.  arguments such as, "it is unlikely that" and "not
frequently used" combined with "too complex a concept" to conclude that
"the idea is therefore not justifiable" just do not pull any weight when
aiming to provide the sort of functionality that a dce/rpc environment

it is somewhat unfortunate that samba is in fact "just a file and print
server".  i have been trying to break out the dce/rpc services for some

perhaps the suggestion i had of breaking out an independent source fork
has merit.

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