One more time. . .

Anthony Hardy anthony.hardy at
Wed Aug 16 18:41:24 GMT 2000

I hate to ask again ..   . .i know you guys are doing what you can to restore the lists .  . 

but .i've gotten mixed signals..

one email a few days ago said the ntdom list was up and responding via listproc and mailman .   . . listproc is still not answering my emails and mailman doesn't list it.

I could use the normal mailing list  . heh.  I have a few questions that i don't want to bother you guys with (don't take up mailing list man, or developer man's time . no no no!), but i need some way to send these questions out. 

I there is anything i can do to help . PLEASE let me know (be it temporarily host a list, etc) . .i would really appreciate it.


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