problems after upgrade to HP 11.X

Michael Tokarev mjt at
Wed Aug 16 17:46:50 GMT 2000

> Dawn Wilson-Oliver wrote:
> We have Samba 1.9X installed on an HP box and all was working fine until last week
> we upgraded to HP11.0..and now our win95 machine can no longer access the HP
> box..getting error messages stating that no authorized ..does anyone know of
> any issues with samba 1.9 and HP 11.x ..

Show the error message exactly.  Show some log info.  Show what you tried to
do.  Show version of samba (and note that 1.9 is very old now).  And switch
to samba-users at list -- this list (samba-technical) is for samba
development discussion, not for general user questions.

> any pointers would be helpful..I am fairly new to samba just over 9months and

Wow, you are a newborn baby!  Congratulations, and welcome to the world! ;-)

> still learning alot..


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